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Business Facilitation & Regional Integration

It is the one stop for both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs seeking information or who may require guidance for conducting business in Mauritius, or meditation in overcoming difficulties in conducting their business.

The Project Management & Business Facilitation Service is a modular and bespoke service tailored to the needs of the modern corporate. EMS Consulting’s objective is to help companies close deals quickly, efficiently and professionally, whilst managing business risk in a mature and balanced manner. A number of the modules also address areas of regulatory compliance, as the importance of portraying a professional and responsible, as well as customer oriented, image cannot be over emphasized. In addition to focusing on deal facilitation some modules also address the key area of contract enforcement and dispute resolution. For those organisations with a legal and/or commercial department, the Business Facilitation Service is tailored to work in accordance with the aims of those functions, helping them to further develop their internal services, with the objective of raising their profiles within the organization as a whole.

EMS Consulting business facilitations are centered on the following:

  • Business Plan & Feasibility Studies
  • Market & Customer Attitude Surveys
  • Organisation of trade mission, business workshops and promotional events
  • Organisation of Investment Promotion Workshops
  • Logistic and operational assistance
  • Franchising
  • Company set up and application processing
  • Industrial Partnership Meetings
  • Project Management & Implementation
  • Development of Adaptable Technology
  • Research & Development, etc.