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Our Track Record

UNIDO – 50 Innovative and successful enterprises in Africa
Following the success of the Latin American’s experience, UNIDO decided to give a similar boost to enterprises from selected African countries. Mauritius due to its experience and its track record since independence was one of the selected countries in this innovative programme. The other selected countries were Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and Zimbabwe. The objectives of the African version of the programme were to:

  • Stimulate the development of a culture for industrial innovation, competitiveness and international business alliances;
  • Design ad-hoc capacity building programmes on technology management for improved competitiveness at enterprise level and for attractiveness to foreign partners;
  • Promote the access to, and interchange of technology by enterprises;
  • Support selected small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of the above countries in forging technology and joint venture partnerships with other countries for increasing competitiveness and growth in the manufacturing, agro-base and agro-related sectors.

Flash Diagnosis / Direct Technical Assistance / Skill Development – the SME Challenge Scheme
EMS is a registered service provider with the SME Challenge. The SME Challenge has been set up by the European Union and the Government of Mauritius to help SMEs improve their competitiveness and productivity. The SME challenge supports SMEs through flash diagnosis, consultancy, training, credit guarantee fund and equity participation fund. The SME Challenge focuses on SMEs operating in the followings sectors: manufacturing, support to manufacturing, IT & Tourism. EMS role for the flash diagnosis was to identify problems and opportunities for the diagnosed SMEs and make recommendations for the appropriate strategy development, which will improve their competitiveness. Over 40 flash diagnoses have been conducted in SMEs.

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